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Don't know what #tcot is, you say?

It is a hashtag used by those people on twitter who want their tweets added to a specific stream of tweets thus making them easier to find. There are humorous hashtags, event specific hashtags, and what I would call long term hashtags. Specifically, #tcot stands for "Top Conservative On Twitter" and would fall into the latter category of long term hashtags although a serious argument could be made that it also falls under the humorous category.

Inspired by twitter user @schmiss who began sharing some of the hilarity that can be found on #tcot, I decided to turn this into a regular blog feature.

How will it work? Well, starting today I will post screenshots of some of the more crazy and incoherent claims made by conservatives on twitter through the #tcot hashtag. Your job will be to vote on your favorite in the comments.  If you are on twitter, take a glance at #tcot every now and then and send the links to any particularly humorous #tcot tweets to political.muse.litloc (at) gmail.com and perhaps they will make it onto the next edition of Best Thing On #tcot.

So here we go...

I am not sure if Dear Citizen realizes but we re-vote every four years...


I haven't got any idea what sheeple are or how you "suscribe" to sheepledom but Sue damn well ain't gonna do it!

Oh birthers, you provide me with so much enjoyment. NEVER. EVER. CHANGE.