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So, apparently this week marked the birthday of some former President whose mere mention sends conservative hearts all a flutter. For a party dominated by homophobic tendencies, you really have to admire how openly these conservative men express their love for another man. So, to help them express their secret man love for Ronald Reagan, I put up a sweet picture of Reagan in a swimsuit. Enjoy it boys!

On to the weekly romp

Representative Walz decided to sign on to some boring legislation about some 19th century technology that no one really cares about. Come on Tim, you can do better than that! Isn't there a 'We Love Puppies' Act or 'Make Congresspeople Beg For Food' Initiative that you could be sponsoring instead?

That Anti-Strib is so insightful! Who are we going to hate now that George W. Bush is gone? It is quite the conundrum given that all the big ones are taken. The conservatives already have a lock on hating poor people, minorities, immigrants, muslims, and liberals. Our choices are limited but I just know if we try hard enough we liberals can find something or someone to hate with the same passion and virulence as conservatives.

Hooray, it's time for a new Magna Carta in which the second tier aristocracy rises up against the King and demands that they too have rights but conveniently leaves out the lower level masses. Wait, isn't this the system we currently have in place? Is it too much to ask that when you use a historical reference that you research it a little bit so as to know if you are using it correctly?

Leave it to the Nigerians to beat the United States in the race to erase the gay. This is just another example of our failed education system. It's a sad day when the country of Nigeria can out hate the United States. The good news, though, is that with the election of Al Franken, Minnesota has become the next Gomorrah and our official Biblical smiting is close at hand! At least Minnesota knows how to compete with the likes of Nigeria!

Holy Crap, Pete Sessions and the Republican Party have decided to join the Taliban insurgency? I guess I would have thought they would be more admirers of a Pol Pot style but I guess I was wrong.

You should totally get a shirt that says, "1.20.09 Dawn of New Error". If the guy could not solve all of the nations problems in two weeks, then he has obviously failed. It's not like those wacko lefties could actually point to things like torture and Katrina and wiretapping and endless war as examples of their end of an error argument.

The Stalinists are coming! The Stalinists are coming! Leo Pusateri is galloping courageously through the town to warn that they are coming for your guns. Well, actually they are just asking that you obtain a license to own a gun but it is a lot like coming to take your guns. Well, actually it is more like one piece of legislation that has only made it to committee, has only one sponsor, and has people get a license to own a gun but there is still lots to be alarmed about. Think about it, our enemy is actually holding training sessions on how to talk to voters and other people that might have opposing views. OH THE HUMANITY!

I love using children as analogies for complex adult issues! Perhaps, in your analogy, Olivia could have also reminded us that the person and party that had been elected the last time only gave ice cream to the wealthy kids and told the poor kids to get a job and that the wealthy kids ice cream would eventually trickle down upon them.

With all of the other bad economic news, it is good to know that gang membership is healthy and a growing sector. In other news, we now know that you can get a full weeks worth of posts out of the simple premise that liberals are bastards!

The one thing I learned from skimming this week:

It is only appropriate for Republicans to claim that they won an election thus giving them the power to do whatever they want. When this type of rhetoric is used by a Democrat, then it is a highly inappropriate faux pas. I hope this clears things up a bit...

WHAT? George W. Bush didn't show respect to the office of the President? That couldn't possibly be true because from what I remember of the last eight years there has been nothing but sunshine and lollipops.

Hooray, its Black History Month. A time to learn about all the neat things that George Washington Carver did with peanuts!

Why, teacher's, why can't you just be satisfied with the paltry salaries already offered to you? Damn greedy bastards!

Do we really have to have this argument over and over again? The more wealth we give to the rich the more generous they will be in trickling it down upon the undeserving masses. It is basic economics people...

Apparently the DFL has decided to grow a pair. Don't expect this to last long because Tim Pawlenty has magical powers that render the massive DFL majorities in the legislature impotent.

So Amy Klobuchar is funny and MNPublius decided to step back from their normal schedule of Franken infatuation (it's becoming something of a Dionysian Party) to give her props. Don't worry folks, they will be back to their regular scheduled "We Heart Franken" theme soon!

Are we really still talking about this woman? Don't we have better things to talk about? Such as the weather or the ins and outs of a prefrontal lobotomy.

WAIT, so most black people are Democrats because of the peer pressure? Here I thought most black people are Democrats because the Republican Party long ago decided to abandon them for a southern strategy.

Do you think maybe that if you are going to call the President a fearmonger, then you should hold off using his middle name as a method of fearmongering? Just a thought...

Now some guy with no real executive or legislative authority is going to take away our guns? It makes sense to me...

Just in case you are thinking of clicking on these links and visiting the home of super Psychologist, Leo Pusateri, let me sum them up for you: Ramble Ramble, Hussein, Ramble Ramble, we need more guns, Ramble Ramble, I hate Democrats with a blinding passion that borders on the ridiculous, Ramble Ramble.

If there are any better incoherent rambling rants than those of Andy Aplikowski that exist within the Minnesota blogosphere, then I haven't found them. The hyperbole is superb. The paranoia is like a fine wine. The fact that he really buys what he writes makes for a hilarious read.

Yeah, we are still talking about the Fairness Doctrine. Between that and taking away our guns, the conservatives are going to have plenty to discuss over the next four years. I'm glad we liberals could be of assistance in keeping the right wing conspiracy theory machine humming along.

Don't be so hard on Janet! After all, she WAS talking about government that helps poor people as being the bad government. When government helps her and other relatively well off people it is a legitimate function.

So, do you think there is any significance to the fact that Repya learned this information at 4:20? I'm just saying, it seems like an appropriate time to learn about anything from the Republican Party.

That kooky liberal, Jeff Rosenberg, is blaming everything on those damned Republicans again and using handy dandy graphs to justify this argument. Do we really need to provide evidence? Can't we just yell and curse about how they are unpatriotic bastards who are ruining America? Let's stop all this empirical evidence crap and get back to good old fashioned unsubstantiated name calling.

It warms my heart to read the vitriol and verbal spasms of Drew Emmer.