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In this continued series to examine the reasoning behind the opposition to the Crown Hydro Project, there has been expressed some concern that this facility will change the aesthetics of the area.

I have obtained some images of the proposed changes that would be made to the existing site:



Now, if someone could please explain to me how this objection is in any way relevant to the discussion, then I would love to hear it. As it is, the proposed changes appear to be so minor that without the obvious before and after labels most people would be hard pressed to decipher which image is which.

In the coming days I will continue to address other objections to this project including those raised by former Vice President Walter Mondale.

For now you can read the work being done by Two Putt Tommy on this very same topic and be aware that I have come into possession of some Minneapolis Park Board video. Very soon I will be putting up portions of that meeting and asking the following questions:

If Crown Hydro has all the necessary permits (including the FERC permit), then how can Brian Rice (Minneapolis Park Board Lobbyist) claim that the decision rests only with the Park Board and is not contingent on any outside input?

The Minneapolis park board has 3 lobbyists going to the capitol and asking for money to run the parks in Minneapolis?

Yet, MaryAnn Campo says $300,000 a year (the offer from Crown Hydro) is "not a lot of money"? (The actual offer is a base lease plus 50/50 split of the federal tax incentive, which has been increasing every year, and is expected to continue and increase under Obama)?

Stay tuned...
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