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Let me begin by saying that there are few people out there who enjoy a good obsessive crusade more than I. Being able to demonize and tear down another person, organization, or entity is truly one of the most enjoyable and noble pursuits one can engage in. In fact, I have placed entire cities on a blacklist for simply annoying me on a visit (Do you hear that DULUTH? Don't think I have forgotten). So I can totally relate to your obsessive hatred of ACORN for, you know, just existing. Imaginary potential threats really are the worst although are a somewhat easier target...

I couldn't help but wonder, though, after reading your third email in six days whose primary subject was the ACORN menace and how you are working to keep them from killing my family and I in our sleep that perhaps you are becoming a little TOO obsessed with an organization which doesn't seem to have much of an affect on the day to day lives of people in the 6th district.

Now if you were obsessing about things like the foreclosure rate here in the 6th which just happens to be the highest in the state or maybe even the economy in general I wouldn't have a problem but it seems to me that crusading against ACORN really does nothing for your constituents. Interestingly, it does seem to help further your career amongst the conservative talking heads on radio and television but that couldn't possibly be the reason for this crusade, could it?

So, Michele, if you could perhaps find some time to obsess about things that might actually improve the lives of your constituents we would be eternally grateful.

Thank You,

A Constituent