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You see, this is exactly why I cannot leave for two minutes. As soon as I do, your local Republican spin machine begins to go so out of control that there is a decent chance that he could rip a hole in the space time continuum.

While I cannot cover ALL of the "gross inaccuracies" made by my ill informed friend, Gary Gross, I can chronicle a few of the more recent and more egregious examples.

First, we have a little numbers inflation with regards to the recent St. Cloud Tea Party held at Lake George:

Saturday, the Central Minnesota Conservative Coalition sponsored a TEA Party rally at Lake George in downtown St. Cloud. The 1,000+ people that attended participated in a freedom celebration. [Emphasis Mine]

Now I get that you would like to inflate your numbers in order to look like your group is more than just a collection of ultra conservative zealots who apparently aren't certain that you did, in fact, LOSE the last election. However, when doing your inflating you really ought to come up with a number which is on the upper end of realism.

In fact, when the friend of mine who took these pictures brought them to me, I was impressed that you were able to get this many people out on such a beautiful day. However, to claim that there were anywhere near 1,000 people is completely laughable. 200? Perhaps. 300? Now we are stretching. 1,000? Only the most partisan ideologue could look at this crowd and come up with a number that ridiculously high.

Second, we find Mr. Gross going after every good conservatives white whale. I speak of Nancy Pelosi of course...

By now, most people have seen the video of Speaker Pelosi tearing up about the violence that visited San Francisco 30 years ago, then expressing her worries that TEA Partygoers would resort to violence.

It's strange, because I don't believe I heard Nancy Pelosi say one word about "TEA Partygoers". Could it be possible that you, Gary, hear what you want to hear so that you can cry VICTIM and spew about how horribly evil Pelosi is for telling people to tone down the rhetoric? Further, this continued crusade against SEIU is laughable as anyone in their right mind who has seen the Kenneth Gladney video sees very clearly that he was on the ground for a total of one second, received no kick or punches, and was walking around moments after this supposed attack. But that is beside the point because you bringing up one example of supposed liberal violence only demonstrates the adolescent "they do it too" mindset. So, attack away Gary, and don't bother recognizing that there absolutely ARE some people on your side of the aisle spewing the most vile hate I have ever heard. When my side threatens to bring their guns "next time" and when my side openly advocates "armed revolution" and even secession then I will believe that there is some equivalence between Kenneth Gladney falling down for one second and people bringing semi-automatic weapons to a SPEECH.

Finally, we have the one topic that Mr. Gross enjoys covering the most which is Tarryl Clark. If this crusade wasn't so sad due to its nearing an obsessive disorder, then it might be laughable how Gross feels the need to hyper analyze and thereby criticize every move Clark makes. Yet, one particular point in this usual tirade against all things Tarryl stands out:

This year, Steve Gottwalt crafted legislation that would’ve reformed health care throughout the state. Had the DFL been serious about improving Minnesota’s business climate, they would’ve passed the tax cuts and the health care reform bills passed.

If there is one thing that Gross enjoys MORE than bashing Tarryl Clark, it is expressing his man crush for one Steve Gottwalt. Now, Gary, let's review:

Seriously, Gary, there has got to be ONE thing you are willing to be honest about...